We're championing families to share the housework, so there's more time to do the things that matter to you.

With our time-saving, easy-to-use appliances creating an environment where sharing is encouraged has never been simpler - meaning your children will adopt the same approach to housework later on in their lives, instilling qualities that you want to cement into future generations.

Just 1 push for clean laundry in only 45 minutes

Push&Go - so easy the whole family can help

One push of a button: that’s all it takes to turn your Innex washing machine on, set the programme, and start the wash cycle. In just 45 minutes, you’ll have spotlessly clean laundry.

Enjoy delicious dishes in just one hour

Turn&Go - the simplest cooking solution

In just one turn, our Aria oven automatically sets the cooking time and temperature for more than 80 daily recipes. No pre-heating, no burnt dinners, just easy family meals.

Life is served with just one push

Set the ideal power level at the touch of a button

A set of three automatic functions: Push&Boil, Push&Warm, Push&Moka, offering an easy solution to boil, reheat and make a great moka coffee at the touch of a button.

Clean & dry dishes with just one push

Optimal results with minimum fuss

Clean and dry dishes with no need to prewash in just one push. The dedicated Push&Go button starts a daily 85 minute cycle, so intuitive that everyone in the family can help with the dishes.