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Washing Machine

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Siemens Washing Machines

Want to make the weekly wash easier for yourself? Leave it to Siemens. These exclusive extraKlasse washing machines use advanced sensors and programmes to take the stress away.

With 6, 7 or 8 kg models available, every family can benefit from an incredibly energy-efficient design.

The Future of Laundry
When it comes to innovative technology, Siemens’ iSensoric is a real game changer. This intelligent system uses various sensors to tailor each cycle to the individual load. It saves electricity and water, while providing outstanding cleaning results.

The Aquatronic wash system protects every fibre of your clothes. It works by letting water enter the drum from three sides at once, quickly soaking the fabric and preventing dry friction damage.

Anti-vibration technology means every wash is quieter. Choose a machine with this feature if you enjoy a little peace and quiet or like to run a cycle at night.

Every Cycle You Need
Each of these washing machines has 15 modes, for every laundry basket imaginable. Specific programmes for silk, delicates and wool mean you don’t need to hand wash anything, while pre-wash, outwear and hygiene cycles give a really thorough clean.

Has a busy weekend meant you’ve forgotten about school uniforms or workwear? Simply pop on a rapid 15 or 30 minute cycle, available on some models, and your clothes will be ready to dry before you need to leave.

Handy Functions
A time delay option gives you the freedom to schedule a wash whenever is most convenient. LED display screens help you keep an eye on the machine’s progress, for total control of your laundry.

More Energy Efficient
All these Siemens washing machines have been rated an A+++ for efficiency. That’s the best rating available, so there’s no need to worry about how many loads you need to put on.

Discover all of our exclusive Siemens extraKlasse washing machines below.
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