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Tumble Dryers

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Siemens Tumble Dryers
With clever features and stylish designs, our exclusive ExtraKlasse Siemens tumble dryers are ideal. The range includes incredible vented and condenser models, all of which come with a 5 year guarantee.
Practical Designs
By choosing an 8 kg drum, you’ll have plenty of room for your weekly wash. Even large, heavy items like jeans, towels and bedding will fit in with ease. Alternatively, smaller households may prefer a 6 kg size. These fit plenty in without wasting water and electricity.

Send the moisture from your clothes outside with a vented dryer, or turn it back into water with a condenser. Your choice will depend on whether you’re placing the appliance near an external wall or not.

Heat pump technology makes the WT45W290GB condenser dryer extremely energy efficient. A heat sensor guarantees the perfect temperature throughout a cycle, and continuously reuses the energy used to dry your clothes. This model will save you electricity and money thanks to its high A++ energy rating.
Dried to Perfection
ExtraKlasse tumble dryers will surprise and delight. Expect enough programmes to cover every type of load – from large, difficult-to-dry bed sheets to delicate underwear. All have a choice of timed modes, so you can get on with something else without over-drying your clothes.

As iSensoric models, these tumble dryers also have sensor drying functions. These sensors assess how dry your load is, preventing shrinkage by stopping the cycle at exactly at the right time.
Impressively Convenient
Siemens have used their extensive experience to make the laundry less of a chore. Choose a dryer with an anti-crease option to power through the ironing, or a 24-hour time delay function to begin a cycle whenever it’s most convenient.

A model with an EasyClean filter takes the hassle out of removing fluff collected by the machine. Each of our Siemens designs has an intuitive control panel or LED display where you can tweak each cycle to perfection.

These ExtraKlasse tumble dryers are extraordinary. Add one to your basket today.
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