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Tumble Dryers

Siemens WT46G491GB extraKlasse 9kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

Siemens WT46G491GB extraKlasse 9kg Condenser Tumble Dryer


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With a 9 kg capacity and 15 programmes to choose from, the exclusive Siemens WT46G491GB is ideal for families and busy households.

Plug and Dry
The beautifully designed Siemens WT46G490GB in white, with chrome aesthetics, uses condenser technology to give you perfectly dried clothes.

Unlike vented tumble dryers that need to be placed near a window, or have a vent built into the wall, the WT46G490GB can be installed anywhere in the house – all it needs is a plug socket nearby.

Intelligent Drying
The clever iSensoric sensors and control unit mean that each time the drum rotates, the wet laundry comes into contact with the innovative conductance sensor, and a small electric current is created. The sensor measures this current to determine the dryness of the laundry – the less current there is, the dryer the laundry.

Different fabrics require different levels of care and the iSensoric control unit uses your programme selection to treat every fabric individually. Depending on the programme you select, be it cottons, mixed load, outdoor, or another, this information is used to treat the clothes with the right temperature.

As the WT46G491GB automatically knows which temperature to dry your clothes at, and exactly when they are dry, there is no risk of shrinking fabrics due to over-drying. There’s also an in-built tray that will drain away any condensate.

Huge Range of Programmes
With a range of 15 programmes to pick from, there’s going to be a programme to match your needs. Whether you need your clothes in a hurry, want to give them a bit of extra TLC, or just want to chuck all your wet laundry in together, there is an option for you.

Wool Finish and Lingerie give your clothes an extra gentle dry, whilst Rapid 40 and Shirts 15 are ideal for when you need an outfit or a couple of shirts in a rush.

The majority of available programmes take advantage of the iSensoric technology to automatically stop the cycle when your clothes are dry. The Cupboard Extra Dry, Cupboard Dry and Iron dry programmes allow you to specify the level of dryness you require. Once your clothes reach this level, the WT46G490GB will stop, and you will hear the buzzer, while the in-built child lock will keep the settings safe from wandering little fingers.

There are also two timed programmes. These allow you to manually set how long you want the cycle to last.
With an extra-large capacity, plethora of programmes and clever iSensoric technology the Siemens WT46G491GB will give you gentle drying with perfect results.
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