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In 1932 Harry Roberts, founded Roberts Radio in partnership with Leslie Bidmead, they quickly established an excellent reputation for their high-quality portables. During the first year of production Roberts only produces an average of 3 receivers a week, yet today in almost two thousand radio shops and department stores you will find Roberts portables prominently displayed.

At the beginning Robert’s success came from operating with a small but very loyal and stable work force. The company benefited from having specialised knowledge from the outset. Roberts has been active throughout it's history in developing new technologies and products in order to maintain their leading positions within the industry and it continues to do so today.

In 1940 Harry Roberts received a letter from Harrods telling the Queen had purchased the M4D model in the radio department of Harrods. This was one of many owned by the Royal family in the lead up to 1955 when Roberts Radio was appointed radio manufacturer to Queen Elizabeth II. One of two Royal Warrants the company still holds today.

Harry Roberts who died in 1969 and those who knew him remember a man with unusual warmth and integrity engendering respect and affection. "The History of Roberts Radio" was initially published in 1987 as a tribute to Harry Roberts and his wife who had also made a significant contribution to the company.

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