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Bosch  PUE611BF1B Induction hob 2 Year Warranty

The Bosch PIA611B68B hob combines the superior performance of induction technology with a sleek frameless design, to make cooking fun and simple.


Whether you prefer to cook with gas or electricity, freestanding or built in ovens, we will have the perfect appliance to suit your needs.
And when it comes to cooking in pots and pans, you need a hob that will meet your requirements.
Here at Euronics, we have a range of hobs that are modern, safe, durable and reliable.
Electric hobs
In today’s world, more and more people are deciding to cook with electricity. An electric hob is ideal for the safety conscious or families with small children running around the house. Electric hobs don’t require pan supports, meaning pots and pans can be placed directly onto the hob. As this means they are lying flat, the risk of a pan unbalancing itself and toppling over is reduced significantly. It also allows you to easily slide a pan from one element to another.
As electric hobs don’t have any open flames, they are safer to use; the risk of any sleeves or other materials catching accidentally is reduced significantly.

Gas hobs
Cooking with gas is still a popular method of preparing food, thanks to its traditional roots. A gas hob is lit by a flame so your food starts to cook immediately with no warm up time. Most gas hobs have automatic ignitions, making them safe to light and reducing the need to keep your supply of matches stocked up. The pan supports on our gas hobs are durable and ensure that there is plenty of space left between each burner.

Built in hobs
Built in kitchens are all the rage nowadays as no space is left unused. We have a range of built in hobs that will fit any style of kitchen. Whether you prefer to cook with gas or electricity, we will have the perfect hob to suit your needs.
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