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Bose SoundDock® 10 Bluetooth® digital music system *LAST ONE*

Bose SoundDock® 10 Bluetooth® digital music system *LAST ONE*
Bose SoundDock® 10 Bluetooth® digital music system *LAST ONE* Bose SoundDock® 10 Bluetooth® digital music system *LAST ONE* Bose SoundDock® 10 Bluetooth® digital music system *LAST ONE*
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Product Code: SoundDock® 10 digital music system
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New SoundDock® 10  digital music system

  • Lifelike, powerful performance rivalling that of a larger, more expensive stereo system
  • Deeper low notes from a newly designed driver enhanced by Bose waveguide speaker technology
  • Auxiliary input for connecting your music phone, MP3 player or other audio device
  • Compatible with all iPhone and most iPod models

Brace yourself for our best-sounding system for your iPhone and iPod. The SoundDock® 10 system delivers performance so powerful and lifelike, it could easily become your home's main music system. It's ideal for parties, gatherings, or your own personal listening. You've probably never heard your iPhone/iPod sound this good.

You'll experience a vast tonal range, from the deep lows of a bass line to the soaring highs of a vocalist. It's the result of advanced Bose waveguide speaker technology coupled with a highly efficient, one-of-a-kind new woofer.

The waveguide, a long tube intricately folded inside the system, strengthens sound from the woofer to deliver deeper, stronger low notes you'll notice right away.


Simple to use. Easy to enjoy

Though complex on the inside, the SoundDock® 10 system is delightfully easy to use, with an equally uncomplicated exterior design. Just place your iPhone or iPodinto the dock and play. The system's clean, elegant look complements any living area.

Enjoy other sources, too

You can easily enjoy an additional sound source – such as an MP3 or DVD player – by connecting it to the system's auxiliary input. The SoundDock® 10 system remote control can switch back and forth between your iPhone/iPod and the connected source, and will navigate an iPhone/iPod playlist as well. There's even an output for watching iPhone/iPod video on your TV while listening to it on the system. Have a Bluetooth® stereo music phone? Listen wirelessly with the included Bluetooth® music dock.

Hear our best-performing digital music system once, and we think you'll agree – there's nothing like it.

Made for iPod/iPhone




The proprietary technology behind our best iPhone/iPod speaker system

Advanced waveguide speaker technology, only from Bose, enables full-bodied sound, especially in lower registers, for more natural-sounding bass and percussion instruments.

Large, 3.63kg woofer provides deep, powerful bass

Newly designed woofer has a larger magnet than conventional woofers – for powerful performance, with low notes you can feel.

Bose digital signal processing circuitry enables finer control over the sound

Bose digital signal processing circuitry enables finer control over the sound for more consistent, lifelike music reproduction even at low volume levels.

Made for iPod/iPhone

System is "Made for iPod/iPhone" certified and is compatible with all iPhone models and with most iPod models.

Video output for iPod/iPhone viewing on your TV

Video output for watching iPhone/iPod video on your TV while listening on your SoundDock® 10 system.

Auxiliary input for an MP3 player, CD/DVD player or TV

Auxiliary input for playing an MP3 player, CD/DVD player or TV through the system.

Infrared remote control operates system and basic iPod functions

Remote control handles power, volume, track seek and iPhone/iPod playlists from almost anywhere in the room.

System charges your iPhone/iPod whenever its docked

Docked iPhone/iPod charges, even while playing, as long as system is plugged in.


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